Active Play is the sole way of INCREASING BRAIN Activity Levels.

We are a closely knit team of enthusiasts and visionaries who have carried the responsibility to change the concept of play equipment’s, swings and fun station products. With new range of products facilitating modern techniques, we are constantly on a rise in bringing about a transition in this field. Our factory is characterized by latest machines and resources to meet all the challenging demands of installation and functioning of play equipment’s. Our range of products cover 20 series, Thousands attractive design.


For many years working with over 2000 schools, universities, educational institutions and Goivernemt departments we are constantly infusing their ideas and methodology into our scope of our work.


We offer the latest products as well as the traditional post & desk playgrounds. We can custom design to fit any client’s needs and even will work with your design team or architect to create the ideal park or playground. Swing Craft provides quality installation services, whether you need installation for a small spring rider or a large playground site. We do it all from full installations to supervised installations. We are MSME registered and all are products are ISO Certifiied. All our products have gone through material testing to ensure the quality and safety for each and every child.


Swing Craft uses Glavanised pip with Wall thickness 2-4 mm powder coated and painted with Polyurethane paint (PU). This special power coat system for metal components will prevent fading, last longer and deter rust, provide additional corrosion and chemical protection along with added longevity to the color and gloss retention.

Handcrafted on curve, weld, drill and polish!

Angel Playground makes every playground special and unique. Playgrounds coming with life through the hands of our technician. Our quality inspector make sure all components be well connecting, with smallest gaps and smoothly edge which will not scratch player’s skin and cloth. All welding sport been polished before power coating.


Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development.4–6 It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. For many children, the playground is one of the first places they get to interact independently with their peers. Our selection of inclusive playgrounds can help foster social interaction and development.


Firstly, we carefully survey the area and check out all the feasibility related parameters. Henceforth we move ahead planning and structuring the play station and follow all the necessary guidelines that are required for the installation process. We aim to bring ideas into reality, therefore we closely examine our client’s demands and prepare a roadmap based on their idea of the setup. This ensures that the end product when installed satisfies the clients overall requirements and makes the process a success. Once the order is placed we arrange all the necessary logistics to ensure that your play area is delivered and installed on time.