Every person has a fond memory of a ‘swing’ at some or the other part of their lives. A swing can make us revisit some of the really special and fond memories that we might never ever forget from our past. The swaying air that rushed by, giving us a feel of the uprising was indeed surreal. That’s the only reason, why our heart still skips a beat when we see a swing nearby. 

Irrespective of age or gender, ‘swings’ has always attracted us closer with an affinity hard to resist. In the present age, there are various kinds of modern swings being deployed in schools, colleges and playgrounds. In schools, the safety standards are carefully monitored and followed. Various guidelines are meticulously obeyed while installing a swing based mechanism. 

With the ever growing popularity of ‘swings’, the commercial usage has also found new beginnings. In many malls and complexes, swing like structures are facilitated to entertain kids and people in general of all ages. The importance and craze for swings is readily spreading and is found quite consistent as well. Parents in their busy schedule, find time to take their kids to parks, playgrounds etc. to give them their much needed recreational time. This helps tremendously in maintaining a study-play balance in a child’s life.

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